Whether you are coming to the Portland, Oregon, area for festivals or a wine tour, spring is one of the most popular seasons because everyone is excited to get outdoors and experience the newly budding flowers and fresh, cool air before the heat of summer arrives. Check out these reasons you should make a wine tour part of your spring getaway this season:


  1. Spring is still technically the off-season – If you want to get away, but don’t relish the crowded nature of the summer season, spring is a great time to tour. Take advantage of local, seasonal fare and enjoy the less-crowded tours. Of course, you can always book a private tour, too.


  1. You’ll miss some of the best wine tours of the year – If you want to spend as much time as you can in vineyards, come to the North Willamette Wine Trail Weekend held April 9–10. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, check out the Spring Beer and Wine Fest held in late March or early April.


  1. There are great activities after the tours – When you need something to do after the tour, take advantage of Portland Dining Month (in March). A little over 100 restaurants offer three course meals for $29. And don’t miss out on the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival – there’s wine here, too.the-pinot-oregon-wine-tours


  1. You can spend time outside, if you want – Enjoy the comforting taste of wine out on the terrace or take a walking tour through the vineyard. You won’t be restricted by the heat or the cold during spring. Enjoy sunshine and warmth during the days, and curl up in front of a warm fire at night. Dress in layers, and you can spend your time wherever you’re most happy.


  1. Winery tours are great in any season – If you want to go on a wine tour, why wait until summer or fall? Vineyards and wineries change with the seasons, giving you a unique experience with each visit. Spring is the perfect season to jumpstart your year with a wine tour.


Convinced to schedule your winery tour this spring? Contact Vino Ventures to get started.